April 18, 2017

Sewer Rates 2017

Proposed Sewer Rates for Fiscal Year 2017/18

Watch the presentation to learn about the Clean Water Program and proposed sewer rate increases being implemented by the City of San Mateo Public Works Department. Deryk Daquigan, Deputy Program Manager, shared this information with San Mateo residents during the March 28th and 30th community meetings at the King Center and at San Mateo City Hall.

0:00 – 1:00: Introduction to the Clean Water Program
1:00 – 5:40: About the Wastewater Collection and Treatment System, and the Needed Improvements
5:40 – 7:40: Goals of the Clean Water Program
7:40 – 11:15: A Comprehensive and Strategic Approach to Improving the System and What Happens If We Don’t Improve It
11:15 – 13:45: Cost of the Program, Revenues Needed, and How Revenues Are Generated
13:45 – 20:50: How Rates Are Structured and Proposed Rate Increase
20:50 – End: Planning for the Future